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Livinguard unleashes a disruptive weapon against the microbe world

Livinguard unleashes a disruptive weapon against the microbe world

Livinguard’s pioneering disinfection technology, featuring antimicrobial compounds permanently bound to textiles, enhances human health and hygiene by enabling physical surfaces to continuously disinfect themselves.

Zug, Switzerland, August 2018 – Livinguard’s groundbreaking technology increases the hygiene of the world around us. It weaponizes textiles and other products in the battle against harmful microorganisms by permeating them with permanent disinfecting properties. This method enables them to kill microbes in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Livinguard’s disinfection technology represents a quantum leap beyond today’s common textile-based antimicrobials, which slowly release metal ions (mostly of silver and copper) or biocides to destroy microbes. Its proprietary technology, applied to textiles in a process similar to dyeing, embeds positive electrostatic charges to the surface of the fabric. They attract the negatively charged outer surfaces of microbes and disrupt their cell walls, inactivating and disintegrating them. Research in conjunction with the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG) has indicated the physical mechanisms of this paradigm-shifting technology.

Remarkably fast-acting and long-lasting

The air we breathe, the water we drink, the clothes we wear and the surfaces in our homes, offices, cars and hospitals all teem with microbes. Livinguard’s permanent disinfectant is the only antimicrobial textile technology to meet newly published US Environmental Protection Agency standards that govern manufacturer claims for “self-disinfecting” and “self-sanitizing” textiles. Up to 1,000 times stronger and 150 times faster-working than conventional technologies, it eliminates 99.999% of tested bacteria in 10 minutes. And it is non-leaching because its disinfecting action is done mechanically on the fiber surface and does not rely on the release of toxic chemicals.

Scientifically proven to be safe and reliable

These qualities make it perfectly safe for use in products that purify the air and drinking water. Also, because it does not irritate the skin and can also be washed and reused, it lends itself ideally to being the technology of choice for personal hygiene products, face masks and functional clothing, among many other applications.

Partnerships for continuous improvement

In addition to EAWAG, Livinguard partners with other world-leading institutions to engage in further R&D and test its leading-edge technology. They include the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), the University of Fribourg’s ChemTech Institute for the treatment of plastics and Labor Spiez, a Swiss government lab with world-class capabilities for analyzing and diagnosing biological agents and toxins.